10 Mar 2009

Two of Fiji's main political party leaders could be excluded from next political dialogue

2:29 pm on 10 March 2009

Two of Fiji's main political party leaders are likely to be excluded from the Political Dialogue Forum taking place this Friday.

The Interim Prime Minister says he is disappointed with their public comments.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama said that he is not happy with the comments by National Federation Party General Secretary Pramod Rae supporting the ultimatum given by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group for an election date.

The Commodore is also disappointed with SDL Leader, Laisenia Qarase's, statements supporting the International Bar Association's report which found no confidence in the rule of law in Fiji.

The news site, Fiji Village, says a decision on whether or not the two men will be allowed to participate in the Forum will be made before Friday.

The Political Dialogue Forum is expected to discuss a way forward for Fiji which includes the convening of the Presidential Forum in a couple of months