25 Feb 2009

U.S. Interior Department welcomes proposed cable for American Samoa

12:06 pm on 25 February 2009

The U.S. Interior Department or DOI says the proposed undersea fiber optic cable for American Samoa will ensure the delivery of high-speed, lower-cost communications to the people of the territory.

The DOI says it has a strong interest in promoting the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure to support the American Samoa economy and to lower communications costs.

It says American Samoa's geographic remoteness has limited opportunities for economic growth.

And it says it exposes the Territory to boom-and-bust cycles depending on the state of local fisheries, as American Samoa's undiversified economy depends heavily on two tuna canneries.

It says a fiber-optic connection will improve connectivity beyond American Samoa while enhancing Internet usage and penetration.

The fiber optic cable is expected to be on line in June.