24 Feb 2009

President of lobby group in American Samoa upset at pay increases

12:02 pm on 24 February 2009

In American Samoa, the president of the lobby group, Common Cause, is protesting at Utulei Beach this morning to register his opposition to the governor's decision to increase the salaries of directors by up to 15-thousand US dollars.

Ben Te'o says the government says it can't afford the next 50 cent per hour increase to the hourly wage.

But Mr Te'o says those at the top are getting a pay hike.

"It is kind of outrageous and ridiculous for the governor to give all the directors a pay increase yet at the same time he is fighting the 50 cent minimum wage increase in May for the little people."

Mr Te'o says the director's pay increase comes as nurses and fireman are also screaming for a pay rise.