23 Feb 2009

SPC backs drive to get communities to return to locally sourced food

6:39 am on 23 February 2009

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community says getting member countries to return to traditional crops and foods is all part of its promotional campaign, "Go Local".

The rice shortage of last year illustrated how island countries are at the mercy of global market forces.

The plant genetics resource officer at the SPC, Tevita Kete, says not only do traditional crops suit the Pacific climate, they are also have great food value:

"Like breadfruit and taro, these are more nutrition, and I would say when compared to rice. One other thing we are trying to promote is to tell guys, hey let's Go Local, let's value our nutritional food, let's value whatever we have."

Tevita Kete says the protection and conservation of traditional crops in the region is important, because they form the foundation of food security in the region.