16 Feb 2009

Suva Gospel schools welcome reminder to sing Fiji's national anthem

1:15 pm on 16 February 2009

The manager of three schools in Suva is welcoming a reminder from the Education Ministry of the importance of raising the flag and singing the national anthem every week.

The interim Minister of Education, Filipe Bole, sent a letter four days ago requesting principals in all schools to observe the flag raising ceremony and allow students and teachers to sing the national anthem and recite the oaths.

The letter says this will boosts students' civic and national pride.

The manager of Suva's Gospel Schools, David Whippy, says it also dismantles ethnic divisions.

"Everyone thinks no matter what ethnic group they belong to we all sing it together and we perform everything together as a nation as the schools of the country, Fiji. Some schools haven't been doing it so the directive from the Ministry of Education is just a reminder to all the schools, uh?"

David Whippy says the Gospel Schools have been raising the flag, singing the anthem and reciting the oath once a week for decades.