11 Feb 2009

Solomons Red Cross says 7,000 still affected by flooding aftermath

5:14 pm on 11 February 2009

The Solomon Islands Red Cross estimates 7,000 people in Guadalcanal are still affected after floods engulfed the province nearly two weeks ago.

The floods claimed ten lives and most parts of Guadalcanal have been declared a disaster zone.

The Red Cross deputy secretary general, Lorima Tuke, says aid workers have now been able to get through to most areas to distribute relief supplies.

"The national disaster management office is very much involved in food and water distribution and the Red Cross is very much involved in non-food items, blankets, cooking utensils, so that involves tarpaulins."

Lorima Tuke says people are mostly sheltering at relatives' or friends' houses and are slowly starting to rebuild their homes.