11 Feb 2009

Central Bank working with Solomons government to tackle global financial crisis

3:12 pm on 11 February 2009

The Solomon Islands Central Bank Governor says it is working closely with the government to tackle the challenges created by the global financial crisis.

Denton Rarawa's comments follow the government's assurances to the public it is monitoring the economic crisis and taking careful steps to address the effects on Solomon Islands.

Mr Rarawa says although the crisis has already hit some people hard, he is confident in the government's approach to the issue.

"How it spends its money; mainly on the essential services and into productive sectors, that's a very noble strategy. And in terms of revenue raising, trying as much as they can to raise whatever revenue they can in these trying times, I think that's a very sensible approach."

Denton Rarawa says Solomon Islands banks are strong and he is positive they will survive the global financial crisis.