4 Feb 2009

Businesses in Fiji welcome mandatory national diesel standard

11:22 am on 4 February 2009

Businesses in Fiji are welcoming the implementation of a mandatory national diesel standard.

In their effort to control freights costs and ensure that automotive diesel is not being mixed with higher sulphur industrial diesel, the interim Government has approved the introduction of one grade of diesel.

The Fiji Times reports that the business community says even though diesel prices would increase, the mandatory standard was a good initiative.

The newspaper reports the Fiji Motor Traders Association president Ajay Lal as saying the mandatory diesel standard was a good thing that would help Fiji in many ways.

He says lower sulphur levels in the standard diesel fuel means less pollution and environment contamination, reduced health costs, larger range of economical vehicles that will reduce import fuel bill.

The Fiji Employers Federation chief executive Ken Roberts says it is good there will be less black smoke in the air.