3 Feb 2009

Fiji's Law Society criticises interim led authorities handling of floods

12:04 pm on 3 February 2009

The president of Fiji's Law Society has criticized the interim led authorities' handling of the floods, saying it has been a disaster in itself.

Dorsami Naidu says most of the financial and relief assistance to victims of last month's floods on the ground has come from the non government organisation sector and outside donors.

He says the way the interim regime appointed authorities have handled the flood relief assistance for their own people has been appalling and shows they dont' know what to do.

"Either they don't have the money, or something is wrong, they aren't able to organise themselves. If it weren't for the NGO's and all that, you know we'd have been in a bigger disaster than we are in now. I mean if you get somebody to do a survey you will find that 90-percent of the assistance to those affected are from NGO's and the community, and from people from overseas who have put their hand in their pocket."

Mr Naidu says DISMAC, set up to assist with national disasters, also didn't do enough to warn people prior to heavy rain reports which clearly indicated that flooding was about to occur.

And he says he also doesn't buy the PM's reason for not attending last week's Forum meeting due to the floods as he was photographed having tea and cake with local dignitaries instead of with flood stricken victims or assisting agencies.