12 Jan 2009

Former Nadi mayor says aid will be crucial to rebuilding

11:13 am on 12 January 2009

A former mayor of Nadi says foreign aid will be crucial to rebuilding in the country, after devastating weekend floods.

The main towns of Nadi, Rakiraki and Ba are worst affected after days of torrential rain and more bad weather is expected .

The former mayor of Nadi, Salesh Mudaliar who now lives in Auckland, says he hopes the political situation in Fiji won't stop people providing aid.

"In the past years when we used to have big floods the neighbouring countries used to always stnd by and help, so it will be very helpful if that happens this time."

Salesh Mudaliar says the country will need food and medical supplies to stop the spread of disease, and people from Fiji living in New Zealand should get together and help.