29 Dec 2008

Parents of boy who died after surgery in Fiji angry at doctors only receiving fines

2:37 pm on 29 December 2008

In Fiji, the parents of Shavneet Kumar are disgusted at what they believe is the light disciplinary action taken against two doctors involved in their son's death.

Shavneet was five when he died last September after surgery on a fractured arm.

The Public Service Commission ordered two doctors that it found guilty of involvement in the boy's death to pay a fine.

Dr Luke Nasendra and Dr Teresa Lum were informed of the decision after a report by the commission was forwarded to the Health Ministry.

The exact amount of the fines remains undisclosed.

Shavneet's father Sanju Kumar yesterday said it was a shock for them to find out that the PSC had only ordered the doctors to pay a fine.

The Fiji Times quotes Mr Kumar as saying their son's death was no small issue that could be solved by levying fines on those implicated and they would be consulting their lawyers