23 Dec 2008

Solomon Islands Western Provincial Premier raises concerns over Malaita

11:47 am on 23 December 2008


In Solomon Islands, the Western Provincial Premier, Alex Lokopio, has raised concerns over Malaita Province's intention to boycott future inter-provincial peace and reconciliation talks.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports that Mr Lokopio has urged the national government to address the unresolved Peace and Reconciliation Agenda.

He says the provincial and national leaders from Malaita Province should hold talks with the government to bring long lasting peace to their people.

And Mr Lokopio says the national government must not isolate Malaita Leaders in any future peace and reconciliation issues.

He says if the government is to carry out its peace and reconciliation policy, Malaita, as one of the major parties in the negotiation process must be party to it.