22 Dec 2008

Another passenger from crashed Vanuatu aircraft found and taken to hospital

2:51 pm on 22 December 2008

Another passenger from a plane crash on Vanuatu's island of Espiritu Santo has been located and flown to Luganville hospital for treatment.

The man was not found when the other passengers were located after Friday's crash.

Earlier it had been revealed that the pilot of the aircraft had died, one passenger has been flown to Brisbane for treatment, and the remaining passengers had since been discharged from the Luganville hospital.

Our correspondent in Port Vila Len Garae says details about the previously missing passenger are sketchy.

"A search team from a village in Santo located the missing passenger and contacted the police search team and the helicopter went to pick him up today. But they haven't said exactly when they located the passenger but informal information we've received was that he was located yesterday."

Len Garae says the pilot is being buried at his village in Ambae today.