16 Dec 2008

NZ must persevere with Fiji, says NZ Pac Business Council

8:48 pm on 16 December 2008

The Chairman of the New Zealand Pacific Business Council says the government must persevere and get the country's relationship with Fiji onto a much better footing.

Gilbert Ullrich says trade worth more than $300 million dollars is at risk if the Government does not shore up its relationship with Fiji.

Mr Ullrich says the National Governement must take a fresh view over Fiji as the former Labour Governments approach was wrong.

"We certainly don't want to be walking away from the opportunities that exist in Fiji because there's many and they're still going there. New Zealand's got to try and get a dialogue going with the people in Fiji better than what's happening now and I think it's gonna take a lot more perserverence."

Gilbert Ullrich says the foreign minister has to listen to the Fiji Government rather than tell it off over its political situation.