11 Dec 2008

Samoa looks to set up solar power station with Chinese help

7:18 pm on 11 December 2008

Samoa's Electric Power Corporation is looking to set up a five megawatt solar power station in Samoa within two years, with the support of China.

EPC general manager Muaausa Joseph Walter says experts from China's largest solar power manufacturing company have been invited to Samoa in January.

"Namely SolaTek and we have a group of people coming from the company next month to do a feasibility study so we're looking at a low cost solution. I know the cost of the fuel has reduced recently but there is a belief that it will go up again in the not too distant future."

Muaausa Joseph Walter says there is a need to avert any future power crisis, especially after last month's power shortage due to low level hydro plants as well as the rising cost of diesel.

He says other options for renewable energy sources in future for Samoa are also now being explored.