4 Dec 2008

American Samoa governor seeks costs for inauguration and constitution review

11:34 am on 4 December 2008

The American Samoa governor, two months into Fiscal year 2009, is asking the Fono to appropriate supplemental budget of 320,000 US dollars to pay for two events, his inauguration and a constitution review.

Governor Togiola told Fono leaders that the report of the Future Political Status Study Commission came up with specific changes to the constitution.

He says he intends to review the whole constitution with a view towards making changes for the betterment of the territory.

The governor has also pointed out that the last constitutional convention was held more than a decade ago.

The governor is asking the Fono to allocate part of the supplemental to pay for inauguration expenses.

He said in the past the Governor's Office budget has funded ceremonies and activities marking the start of a new administration.