3 Dec 2008

Price of fuel in American Samoa drops further

9:21 am on 3 December 2008

American Samoa's Office of Petroleum and Management says that the price of fuel in the territory has dropped even further.

Petroleum officer Sione Kava says that the ongoing decrease is welcome news for the end of year holiday season.

He says for 2008, at its peak the wholesale cost of petrol in the territory was up to 4 US dollars and 70 cents a gallon.

He says it's now right down to 2 US dollars and 31 cents per gallon with a retail price at the pump for around 2 US dollars and 80 cents.

"I think we saw the beginning of the drop from October. October 1st it started coming down and it dropped by about 40 cents here, 50 cents there. The last drop which is from the last two weeks to to date, was 33 cents a gallon."

Sione Kava says the territory is selling cheaper fuel compared to neighbouring small island states, Tonga, Fiji and Samoa.