1 Dec 2008

Fiji NGO rejects criticism the 'moral community' has failed to speak out about the military regime

4:18 pm on 1 December 2008

Fiji's Citizens' Constitutional Forum says it is not being silent over the issue of the military, it is simply working within the system.

A professor of economics at the University of the South Pacific, Dr Wadan Narsey, is asking questions how a government which took power at gunpoint has the right to grant huge increases for itself, and why those who would normally be shouting from the rooftops are remaining silent on the issue.

But the head of the CCF, Reverend Akuila Yabaki, says he has fought, as part of the national council for building a better fiji, for the military to be put on the agenda.

He says there is a substantial section in the draft people's charter on the role of the military.

"The People's Charter recommends the setting up of an independent commission, to review its size. So there is a way out. There are two ways of dealing with when you are opposed to a school of thought. One is just to be confrontational, and the other is one that is a more thoughtful opposition that is characterised by consensus, arounf the good, and criticism of the bad."

Reverend Akuila Yabaki.