19 Nov 2008

Airline ready to start once agreement with Solomon Islands government signed

11:44 am on 19 November 2008

The airline SkyAirWorld says it is excited and is ready to commence work once an agreement is signed with the Solomon Islands government and landowners to redevelop Anuha.

The Chief Executive Office of SkyAirWorld, David Charlton, spoke to the Solomon Star after Cabinet approved his bid to re-develop Anuha Island in Central Province.

He says there are great opportunities to develop tourism in the Solomon Islands as a result of this development.

Mr Charlton says he will visit Anuha soon to inspect the damaged resort before work starts.

Mr Charlton also confirmed that the airstrip on the island will be redeveloped and SkyAirWorld domestic aircraft will service the island during development and when work is completed.

SkyAirWorld will be flying in their booked tourists to Honiara and connect to Anuha on board a caravan plane to Anuha and by sea.