10 Nov 2008

Call for more details about Obama's plans for military in the Pacific

5:45 am on 10 November 2008

Guam's current speaker, re-elected democrat senator, Judith Won Pat, says the government needs to find out the views of United States President-Elect Barack Obama on troops in the Pacific.

There's concern that President-Elect Obama's desire to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan may have a negative impact on military contingents in the region.

Judith Won Pat says what's she's been told is that a decision has been made in the Department of Defence, and that position stands.

"I still feel that there will be some changes now the President, who will be the Commander in Chief, will also then select, you know, somebody who defends the department of defence and that will have to be somebody who would espouse the same philosophy he has, and what he's campaigned for so I think there's going to be some changes in the Pacific."