7 Nov 2008

American Samoa election candidates reminded of spending limits

10:54 am on 7 November 2008

The chairman of American Samoa's Campaign Spending Commission, Finauvale Alex Zodiacal, has reminded candidates who ran in the gubernatorial and House of Representatives races that they must file their spending reports in order to be certified to take office.

Finauvale says that less than 10 of the more than 50 candidates who contested the House seats have filed their reports.

All but one of the gubernatorial teams have filed reports but the chairman says there are deficiencies in the financial data supplied.

For example the law limits cash donations by corporations to $2000 and $500 for individual contributions.

Some reports list donations of three times that limit.

Finauvale says the commission will not certify candidates to hold public office even if they were victorious in the general elections yesterday, if they have not filed spending reports or complied with the contribution limits.