29 Oct 2008

Pacific leadership programme in Wellington

5:13 pm on 29 October 2008

Potential Pacific leaders have gathered in Wellington today to learn what it takes to make a difference.

The symposium called "Growing a New Generation of Pacific Leaders" is organised by the Victoria University of Wellington and consists of workshops and readings.

A co-organiser, Dr Kabini Sanga, says Pacific leadership is different from other forms of leadership because it emphasises custom.

Dr Sanga says it's about taking responsibility and a can-do attitude whether becoming the manager of a company or the head of a family.

He says the students will share a vision.

"That vision being to grow 1,000 new generation leaders by 2015. So this occasion is a way of saying to communities, groupings, people who are interested in New Zealand: 'Here is this wider regional vision, would you be interested being part of it?'"

Kabini Sanga says they have already mobilised young leaders in New Zealand and across the Pacific, including in Fiji and Solomon Islands.