21 Oct 2008

MPs attack PNG's bad leadership

12:25 pm on 21 October 2008

Two Papua New Guinea MPs have attributed the poor services and social conditions of the country to poor government leadership.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that the two MPs, Powes Parkop and Francis Awesa, used their respective speeches at the launch of the North Wahgi five year district development plan in the Western Highlands to attack PNG's leadership.

Mr Awesa, the MP for Imbonggu, told the huge crowd that Parliament was ruled by "Satan''.

He said the last five years had been riddled with nothing but corruption and this had brought the country to its knees in terms of service delivery.

Mr Parkop, the National Capital District Governor, said God had blessed PNG with an abundance of resources, but leaders had turned it into a poor country with bad leadership.

The MPs said the Somare Government had passed supplementary budget one after another but those budgets had not trickled down to the bulk of the population.