20 Oct 2008

FAO says climate change a major threat to agriculture and fisheries in Pacific

8:10 pm on 20 October 2008

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says that climate change is a major threat to sustainable agriculture and fisheries in the Pacific region.

Paul Tomane, the assistant FAO representative for the sub-regional office in Apia, says that the changing seasons and temperatures are already affecting traditional food sources.

And he says that with an increasing dependency on imported foods, people are now dealing with the impacts of soaring food prices, as well as nutritional and health concerns.

"Agriculture is very much affected in terms of erosion of land, in terms of floods and droughts. And you can see that its affecting the crop production and its like a chain effect whereabouts you have to turn to cheap imported food and then from there on it leads on to other things like lifestyle diseases. So we're trying to break the chain somewhere."

The FAO's assistant representative for the sub-regional office in Apia, Paul Tomane