14 Oct 2008

SPREP calls for more international assistance on climate change projects

8:40 pm on 14 October 2008

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme says it hoped donors and development partners will provide more assistance in future on efforts in the region to implement climate change projects.

SPREP Climate Change advisor Espen Ronnenberg says while they've already begun various community projects, such as waste management and mangrove planting along coastlines, a lot of financial and technical assistance is still needed.

He says they hope donor countries, such as Switzerland, New Zealand Australia, Japan United States and the UK, will be willing to help out more.

"Well we hope to achieve an improved state of information sharing on climate change action in the region. We want the countries to be better informed about what is happening, and what could be happening and what should be happening. We also want to catalyse action in terms of getting our development partners to take a greater interest in climate change work in the region and to come in with technical and financial resources."

Espen Ronnenberg says about 130 participants are expected for this week's roundtable meeting on climate change.