3 Oct 2008

Another RAMSI delegation visits Guadalcanal Weathercoast to seek community backing

3:37 pm on 3 October 2008

A delegation including senior Solomon Islands police and the Regional Assistance Mission, has made another visit to the Guadalcanal Weathercoast, as efforts continue to try and arrest criminals there.

One, Alphonseus Toghovotu, is wanted for three murders since 1999, and the recent violent attack on a RAMSI officer.

The former head of the National Peace Council, Paul Tovua, was with the delegation and he called on the Veralava community to help RAMSI with such goals as restoring law and order.

Acting Assistant Police Commissioner Peter Aoraunisaka says it's important the community support law and order to maintain peace and stability.

He appealed for them to come forward with any information they have about the suspects.

RAMSI's assistant Special Coordinator, Mataiasi Lomaloma, says meeting villagers face to face is always very worthwhile.

He says regular contact is important to build trust between the community and those responsible for upholding the law.