1 Oct 2008

FAO helping Pacific farmers to increase production

2:39 pm on 1 October 2008

Pacific Island countries will benefit from 2-point-5 million US dollars of the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organisation's emergency assistance to increase food production.

The FAO initiative is to help farmers in 14 Pacific countries to put in place measures to boost food supplies.

The FAO's policy officer Daneshwar Poonyth says they intend providing practical help to thousands of small farmers so they can boost production of staple foods, root crops, vegetables and livestock.

"So in the case of Fiji it's to enhance the rice production. Similarly in the case of PNG. And in Samoa, it's to increase the production of both meat as well as vegetables. So it's a diverse approach that was used to enhance the production."

Daneshwar Poonyth says various factors, including the increasing cost of fuel and seedlings, is making life very difficult for many people in the region.