30 Sep 2008

New Caledonia alcohol ban deemed a success with a big drop in public drunkenness

4:23 pm on 30 September 2008

Authorities in New Caledonia say last weekend's alcohol ban in Noumea was a success.

Retailers and supermarkets weren't allowed to sell alcohol as a test to see if it curbed criminal activity.

Claudine Wery reports from Noumea.

"On Saturday and Sunday, only 50 people have been arrested for public drunkenness and this is half of the usual number. No one has been injured or killed in car accidents and on 80 controls on the road only 11 drivers were drunk. The measure has been clearly efficient and may be reconducted next week, according to a spokesperson for the high commissioner. A decision is to be taken tomorrow."

Claudine Wery