26 Sep 2008

Solomon Islands by-election results to be announced today

10:03 am on 26 September 2008

Solomon Islands Governor-General, Sir Nathaniel Waena is expected to announce later this morning the winning candidates in Tuesday's by elections in East Honiara and Lau/Baelelea constituencies.

Counting in both elections was delayed by claims of corruption by other candidates and their supporters, a result of internal rivalry amongst candidates.

An official for the Electoral Commission said in the Lau/Baelelea constituency, issues of land disputes were dragged into the election process

The official also said that many non-registered voters were brought in to vote.

In the East Honiara constituency, nine candidates out of the 26 competing for the seat, wrote to the Governor General calling on him to halt further counting of ballot papers.

They claimed the candidate leading the vote count, businessman and logger, Milikada Silas had corrupted the election process.

The office of the Governor General advised them that their petition was unprocedural.

Meanwhile, Acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall says the electoral process should be allowed to be completed and any claim of corruption should be taken up in the courts or through an election petition.