24 Sep 2008

Guadalcanal villagers assured of RAMSI role in bringing security and safety

4:08 pm on 24 September 2008

One of the heads of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands says people on the Weather Coast were happy with a visit from the Mission, police and others yesterday.

It was the third high powered delegation to visit the Weathercoast this month and came after two violent attacks on RAMSI personnel.

The visits have been to encourage villagers to help in the arrest of former militants wanted on long standing criminal charges and to assist the efforts of police and RAMSI to restore law and order.

RAMSI Assistant special co-ordinator of RAMSI, Masi Lomaloma, says they aimed to make clear how important this is to lasting peace..

"I think you know that the people were really happy that we came down to visit them, to re-assure them of the fact that, you know, what we are carrying out is really for their own security and for their own safety."