23 Sep 2008

Vanuatu's new finance minister aims for stability

3:23 pm on 23 September 2008

Vanuatu's new finance minister says his priority is to ensure the government sticks to its budget, and that economic growth continues.

Sela Molisa has been appointed finance minister for the third time, after the new Prime Minister, Edward Natapei announced his cabinet line up yesterday.

Mr Natapei's Vanua'aku Party will lead a coalition with its partner of the past four years, the National United Party or NUP and a number of independents and smaller parties.

Mr Molisa says he'll be making sure tax remains stable, and the economy remains in balance.

"Politics in Vanuatu, many commentators would say is very unpredictable, even with a majority in the government. Politics in Vanuatu is still very volatile, and at times unpredictable, I should think we can hold on with the small majority in Parliament."

Up until now, Sela Molisa has also been involved in the group monitoring Fiji's People's charter, but he says he will have to check the timetable to see if he can continue with that duty.