23 Sep 2008

World Vision predicts huge cost to protect from climate change-induced disasters

3:17 pm on 23 September 2008

World Vision predicts it will cost tens of billions of dollars to protect millions of people living on the coasts of Asia Pacific region, including PNG, against climate change-induced disasters that can cause havoc and destroy decades of development,

The World Vision report not only looks at the latest research around climate change but also examines how communities from Bangladesh to PNG are being severely affected by storms and rising sea level.

The National newspaper says the report, outlines how billions of dollars needs to be spent on strengthening community resilience in villages and cities, educating children to be disaster alert, and putting in place disaster-resistant infrastructure and early warning systems.

World Vision says failure to act would leave tens of millions of people extremely vulnerable and reverse development gains.

World Vision Asia Pacific Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs director Richard Rumsey said even the introduction of stringent carbon emission controls was not going to prevent the Asia Pacific region from experiencing severe disaster shocks.