22 Sep 2008

Fiji-hosted climate change film festival to raise awareness of Pacific plight

3:02 pm on 22 September 2008

Fiji is hosting the first climate change film festival, in an effort to raise more awareness about the devastating impact on low lying Pacific countries.

A filmaking couple from Kiribati, John and Linda Anderson say that for them making a film based on their personal experience was a labour of love and done without any financial support.

The pair, who set up a film company Nei Tabera Ni Kai, say Kiribati no longer has seasons, and there has been so much erosion and the impact on food security severe.

John Anderson says they wanted their voice to be heard on film.

"It was a strong feeling in Kiribati that the world was not listening. And in support of the president and people going overseas and at festivals like this, the Kiribati voice needed to be heard. And its not just Kiribati but its affecting Tuvalu and states of northern Micronesia and islands within places like Fiji. Its a real thing, its a human thing."

Film maker in Kiribati, John Anderson.

The two day festival will be launched this evening (Monday 22 Sept) and runs until Wednesday at Fiji's Institute of Technology's Raiwai Campus.