22 Sep 2008

Solomons police seek community co-operation in manhunt

3:01 pm on 22 September 2008

The police in Solomon Islands are hoping cooperation with chiefs and the community will produce a man wanted for the attempted murder of a New Zealand police officer.

The police are looking for Alphonseus Toghovotu, who they say has been on the run for the past 6 years and is also wanted for three unrelated murders.

Earlier this month, Constable Chris Renata received leg wounds following a machete attack by a group of six people.

The Solomon Islands Acting Commissioner of Police, Peter Marshall, says interaction with local chiefs has meant three have been charged with attempted murder.

"It was with the cooperation with the community down there that these three people came before the police and were subsequently transported to Honiara. That's really the key to it, to get the locals onside. And we're confident that before too long Alphonseus, his wife and this third individual who's also wanted, will be arrested."

Peter Marshall, Solomon Islands Acting Commissioner of Police.