17 Sep 2008

Kwalik group blamed for explosions near Freeport mine in Papua

9:57 pm on 17 September 2008

A Papuan human rights group says guerrillas are targeting facilities and infrastructure at the massive Freeport gold and copper mine in Indonesia's remote Papua region.

The Institute for Papuan Advocacy & Human Rights says orders issued by General Kelly Kwalik of the West Papuan Liberation Army (TPN) instigated a series of explosions, and shots being fired, around the mine in the past week.

The Institute's Paula Makabori says Kelly Kwalik is a traditional landowner of the Freeport mine area protesting at what he calls ongong human rights and societal abuses around the Freeport operations.

She sayas the TPN launched the attacks from the jungle where it has beenoperating outside Indonesian control.

"How could the people who are spending time in the jungle know how to deal with some kind of explosive material that they never studied... how to use those kinds of things. Indonesian police and military already, they already knew before the explosions took place. And then my question why they kept silent?"