16 Sep 2008

Fiji prison inmate, injured during his recapture, dies in hospital in Suva

4:02 pm on 16 September 2008

Josefa Baleiloa, a prison inmate in Fiji who was injured while being re-captured, died today at a hospital in Suva.

Baleiloa escaped from jail in July and allegedly received serious head injuries while being re-captured.

He had been in a coma.

Police said at the time he was armed with a kitchen knife.

A police spokesperson, Ema Mua, would not comment on whether officers might face charges in relation to the injuries or death.

"I will confirm that there has been an investigation and a file is no longer with professional standards. It has been referred to the director of criminal investigation department to handle the case. We are now awaiting the post mortem results. Other than that we'll not be making any comments."

Ema Mua, a Fiji police spokesperson.

Since the military coup in December 2006, police have been convicted of killing one civilian and implicated in the death of another.