12 Sep 2008

Samoa NGO moves to stop children selling on the streets at night

2:30 pm on 12 September 2008

The Samoa Victim Support Group has launched a programme to stop children selling flower leis in towns at night.

At the same time it aims to provide financial assistance for the children's families.

The NGO is worried that children, as young as ten, are being exploited by their parents.

The Support Group's spokesperson, Masoe Iosefa Tautua, says the Ministry of Justice and Courts administration is joining the programme by providing

vehicles to monitor the children at night.

He says children found selling leis on the streets have been sent home with the organization purchasing the leis and giving the money to the families.

As an alternative, the Group has also considered offering training for the families in skills such as sewing, farming and cooking to enable them to run small businesses.