12 Sep 2008

Solomons tsunami victims still not re-housed

10:12 am on 12 September 2008

Sixteen months after a deadly tsunami struck Solomon Islands' Western Province, its victims are still sleeping in tents, and some are living at the Gizo market because of lack of accommodation.

Western Province Premier, Alex Lokopio, says this is a very sad and difficult issue to solve, since funds are not properly used to improve the livelihood of his people.

"The people still remain in the tent as they were before when the tsunami struck and they're still there complaining, and what time the help will come > Where is the 15 million that people heard im that dish out from the national government ? These are the questions that are floating around the Western Province, that it is very difficult to hear the answer."

Alex Lokopio says he has urged the country's Finance Minister to ensure that funds for the tsunami victims are not held up by the national government.