8 Sep 2008

Tuvalu hoping Air Fiji is set to resume flights this week

3:45 pm on 8 September 2008

Tuvalu's Deputy High Commissioner in Suva says they expect Air Fiji to resume twice weekly flights to Tuvalu this week.

Samuelu Laloniu says Air Fiji suspended all flights several weeks ago because it was unable to pay for the fuel it needs.

He says while they are expecting flights to resume shortly, passengers should still check with Air Fiji prior to booking.

"We are very looking forward to Air Fiji resuming its flights this week. In fact it was supposed to...it was a scheduled flight on Sundayto Tuvalu but unfortunately that did not happen as well. So we are looking forward to sometime this week."

Samuelu Laloniu says the impact pn travellers has been minimal given Air Pacific is servicing the route.