4 Sep 2008

Archbishop Desmond Tutu may visit Solomons for launch of Truth and Reconcilation Commission

7:47 pm on 4 September 2008

People caught up in the violence which ravaged Solomon Islands will be able to tell their story during hearings due to start next year.

Five commissioners will listen to evidence given by victims affected by the ethnic tension which ran from 1998 to 2003.

The United Nations Commission for Human Rights will advertise for two foreign commissioners, the remaining three will be Solomon Islanders.

The Chairman of Transparency Solomon Islands Bob Pollard says the time is right to launch the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of TRC if the country is to move on.

"It's now the time of the nation when we give priority to victims and their story and allow their story to be told so that the nation can acknowledge what's happened and the Truth Commissioner will point to the government in some way of things that can be done to facilitate healing and make sure we don't go back down that path again."

The Chairman of Transparency Solomon Islands Bob Pollard

South Africa's religious leader, Archbishop Desomond Tutu may visit Solomon Islands later this year.

Archbishop Tutu has been invited by the government to help with the

establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

He was instrumental in the setting up of South Africa's own reconciliation programme following the apartheid era.

MP, Mathew Wale, says Archbishop Tutu's visit is part of the government's commitment towards peace and reconciliation.

We all know his leadership to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission and also his efforts globally in reconciliation. If he can make it, sir, this will be a significant visit by a recognised Christian leader [and] the global movement for reconciliation.