3 Sep 2008

Reports that the level of Sir Paul Reeves involvement in Fiji's President's Forum is in doubt

10:02 am on 3 September 2008

The involvement of Commonwealth Special Envoy Sir Paul Reeves as chair of Fiji's President's Forum is in doubt, although he will still be responsible for getting leaders of Fiji's political parties to the discussion table.

Sir Paul was expected back in the country at the end of last month and he had also planned to start the first of the forum sessions then.

But, the President's official secretary Rupeni Nacewa said they have not heard from Sir Paul to date.

The Fiji Live news site says there are indications that Sir Paul will not be chairing the Forum due to comments he made recently that may be considered as conflict of interest.

The Commonwealth has agreed to support the forum, which the interim regime is relying on to get support for its proposed electoral system.

During his last visit to Fiji in early July, Sir Paul said he would have a lot of say in the formulation of the terms of reference for the meeting, which most of the leaders say was critical to their participation.