28 Aug 2008

FBI to boost presence in CNMI

3:23 pm on 28 August 2008

There is an expectation that a boost of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's presence in the Northern Marianas will help clean up corruption.

Before the end of the year, the FBI is expected to add two agents to the four in the Commonwealth.

The FBI's decision comes after an investigation into an alleged scheme involving Lieutenant Governor Timothy Villagomez and three others to defraud the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation. through needless purchases.

A jury trial for the case begins in October.

Our correspondent Mark Rabago says people are frustrated that federal funds aren't being spent properly.

"It's been an open secret here that one of the things that the federal government is pretty frustrated about in the CNMI is the way they are not accounting for federal funds that are being used in the past how many decades or so, millions of dollars has been spent for construction and improvement projects using federal funding. So this is one way of trying to curb misuse and mismanaged funds, is to make the officials aware that the FBI is on their case."

Mark Rabago