28 Aug 2008

Tongan becomes new Pacific WTO representative

3:24 pm on 28 August 2008

The Pacific's new representative to the World Trade Oganisation says he expects fisheries to be a big concern suring his time there.

Tonga's secretary of Labour, Commerce, and Industries, Paulo Kautoke, has been appointed the Pacific trade representative to the WTO.

Mr Kautoke says his job will be to represent Pacific interests, and relay messages back to the region.

"I think the major concern now is on fisheries because the current talk on subsidies, there was a possibility that the current access fees paid to some of the Pacific Island countries from foreign fishing fleets, who fish in their territorial waters we going to be considered illegal as part of subsidies."

Paulo Kautoke says people are starting to realise that some island states rely on that money as a source of revenue.