29 Aug 2008

NZRU slated for underplaying Manu Samoa Test

10:05 am on 29 August 2008

The All Blacks play Manu Samoa in New Plymouth on Wednesday night in a fixture that's drawn criticism for disrespecting New Zealand's Island neighbours.

It's clear the NZRU aren't treating the Samoa Test as anything more than a warm-up for the Tri-Nations decider against the Wallabies in Brisbane on September 13th.

New Zealand haven't played Samoa for seven years and there's been little fanfare with some asking why the match isn't being played in Auckland or Apia at the weekend.

Samoa forward Chad Slate is one of those wishing for a little more goodwill:

"It is kinda sad not seeing that bit of publicity I don't know if it's a bit of disrespect or anything along those lines to us but hopefully we'll go out and prove that we're up for it and give them a good go."

Chad Slate of Manu Samoa.

The Manu Samoa coach Niko Palamo says he's a bit puzzled as to why there's so much comment around their scoreline against the All Blacks.

Most commentators are saying it will be a one sided match.

However, Palamo says why should their scoreline be different to others.

All Blacks have always put big scores against teams like England, France and when you see some in Super 14 in upwards of 60 scoreline 70 scoreline so why if Samoa get a big score why would it matter.