28 Aug 2008

Samoa victim support group seeks more resources

9:49 am on 28 August 2008

Samoa's Victim Support Group says it needs more resources, but is still capable of helping victims.

Iosefa Tautua says the volunteer group was originally set up three years ago specifically to help victims of sexual crimes.

But their service now extends to helping other victims, and resources and funds are a big challenge.

The group is now seeking the support of regional organisations, like the UNDP.

"Our main aim is to give support in terms of encouragement counselling physical support with regards to like the necessities of life, we provide that for some of the victim like in poverty we give to those people. Even some other people you know they have been abandoned by their families and maybe are in hospital, so we're dealing with those people. The homeless. You name it."

Iosefa Tautua says volunteers come from all sectors of society and are sworn to secrecy, in order to keep matters confidential.