11 Aug 2008

PIANGO confident it will be able to expand its work over next three years

7:41 pm on 11 August 2008

The outgoing chair of PIANGO's board,Adi Maimalaga Tafuna'i, says she's confident it will grow bigger and stronger over the next 3 year term.

The council for PIANGO, which is the organisation representing NGOs in the Pacific, has been meeting in New Zealand to determine its strategy for the next three years.

Adi Tafuna'i says funding remains a major challenge but NZAid and AusAID as well as other development partners have helped the organisation progress.

She says with such support, PIANGO's work will continue to contribute greatly to the region at grassroots level.

"What we will see is organisations that are non governmental on the ground throughout the Pacific doing the work that they are mandated to do. Which is like looking at issues to do with HIV Aids, Health, Income Generation. You have civil society trying to better the lives of people in the islands so they can really have sustainable livelihoods."

Adi Tafana'i, the outgoing chair of PIANGO.