25 Jul 2008

Anglican Melanesian bishops join London poverty protest

10:10 am on 25 July 2008

Anglican bishops from Melanesia have joined colleagues from around the world in a march through London, to highlight a campaign against poverty.

The bishops are worried the United Nations is not on track to meet its commitment to reduce extreme poverty by 2015.

In its Millennium Declaration of the year 2000, the UN promised that, by 2015, it would halve the proportion of the world's people whose income is less than one dollar a day.

One of those marching in London was the Bishop of Temotu in Solomon Islands, David Vunagi.

Bishop Vunagi says if poverty is to be reduced in Temotu, its people first need better transport links:

"We have not been cared for properly, by the government, and maybe the Church too as well. But unless logistics like transport and communication are improved, any work on poverty cannot be achieved. We need to start on communication, transport, so that the people fear that they are near to everybody else, before we can do anything else. But otherwise the isolation has a great impact on the people of Temotu."

David Vunagi, bishop of Temotu province in Solomon Islands.