24 Jul 2008

90 Million dollar programme to reform Somons public service begins

9:50 am on 24 July 2008

A 90-million dollar programme to improve the Public Service in Solomon Islands

is being rolled out this month.

The Minister for Public Service, Milner Tozaka says the programme is being funded


He says the negative perception of the public service must be changed.

"We have some very good models already in the Public Service. The parliament and its supporters for example, the audit itself you see - all these people. Now they have already changed their attitude. They turn up for work. They are addressing the discipline, the committment. Their dedication to work has changed. It's a challene, but I don't think it's an impossible task to do this (to) the Public Service."

A manager has been hired from the United Kingdom to spearhead the 10 year