23 Jul 2008

PNG Police Commisioner calls for more patrols at border

10:26 am on 23 July 2008

Papua New Guinea's Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, says he wants more police officers patrolling the country's common border with Indonesia.

This follows recent reports that Indonesian soldiers have been making frequent incursions across the border to PNG.

Jakarta has apologised for its troops crossing the border, saying the incursions are due to increased activity by Papuan separatists from Indonesia on the PNG side of the pourous border.

Defence Commanders and officials from both countries are investigating the incursions issue while PNG's government is also considering building brder managemrnt capacity .

Commissioner Baki says he's preparing a submission to cabinet advising it to bolster the policing presence surveying the border.

"I am looking at the contingency that I am working on and I will be advising the government about what I will be doing in terms of positioning strategically our men on the borders to monitor what is happening and to give feedback and up to date information as to the level of activities that are currently taking place in the border areas."