15 Jul 2008

Fiji pledges to work with EU

10:08 am on 15 July 2008

Fiji's interim attorney general says the country will continue to work with the European Union, despite a report demanding elections by early next year.

The report comes after a visit by an EU Troika, which met the interim government and politicians last month, and suggests the EU is anxious for Fiji to stay on the path to elections.

Aiyaz Sayed-Khayum says it is unusual for these kinds of matters to be raised through the press, especially as the fact-finding mission hasn't been completed.

"We still have a lot more faith in the European Unions than with Australian and New Zealand. The Europeans have a lot more accomodating, they've been a lot more willing to listen, and they don't dictate to us. Yes, the statement obviously is somewhat amiss from what we thought would come out, but we still believe there is room for dialogue, and the Europeans do always engage in constructive dialogue."